Getting Started

What is Timiun?

Timiun is a socialized, gamified, innovative and entertaining shopping App that allows people shop their product of interests.

How do I download Timiun App?

You can download it from Google Playstore or IOS store by searching for the keyword "TIMIUN"

What can i do on Timiun?

You can shop for products at 99% discount, and meet new friends of the same interest with you.

How Timiun works

How do i create an account on Timiun?

Download Timiun App on your Phone from Playstore, create an account, get free Upxit Coin you can use to shop for any product of your interest.

How can i shop on Timiun?

You can shop on Timiun at 99% discount with Time Market

Can i shop with my debit/credit card?

Yes, you can

Product Delivery

How do i get my product?

Once you purchase a product, it will be delivered to you at your shipping address.

How long does it take to deliver a product?

Within 1-5 working days, but with Timiuncopter it takes 0-30mins.

Where can Timiun deliver Item to?

Irrespective of your location, Your product will be delivered to you.

Upxit Coin

What is Upxit Coin all about?

Upxit Coin is decentralised money, free from censorship and open to all for local transactions. Timiun accepts Upxit Coin for her Transactions

How do i Get Upxit Coin?

By Funding your wallet online from your bank, ussd code or with your debit card, You can also earn Free Upxit Coin by referring your friends to download Timiun App and also when your friends fund their wallets.

What can i do with Upxit Coin?

Upxit Coin is a flexible Currency that be used to shop products at 99% discount using Time Market, and can be transferred from one wallet to another.

Can i still pay for a product without Upxit Coin?

Yes, you can pay for a product without Upxit Coin but you pay less when you use Upxit Coin to buy a product.

Can i exchange Upxit Coin?

Yes, Upxit Coin can be sold and traded. You can sell Upxit Coin by transferring it from your wallet.


How safe is my account?

Your data is stored and encrypted using strong cryptography and we scan our systems daily against security threats.

How can I get my money back?

You can convert your Upxit Coin to Fiat money by reselling it. Upxit Coin is of high demand in the market.

What about the security of my payments?

Your transactions are always encrypted and secured.