Getting Started

What is Timiun?

Timiun is a socialized, gamified, innovative and entertaining shopping App that allows people shop for products at 99% discount.

How do I fund my wallet?

You can fund your wallet with crypto currencies listed on the payment page. Preferable use Upxitcoin so you can get 5% discount.

What can i do on Timiun?

You can shop for products at 99% discount, and engage on group product discussion.

How Timiun works

How do i buy a product at 99% discount?

Its so easy, First thing is to Support any product you love, wait untill it has reached the supporters required for the product to launch, each time you support a product you pay 1% of the product price.
Once the product starts selling, its only those that supported in the product that will be eligible to purchase it.
Tap on the time and wait for a successful product countdown to zero, then the product is yours.

What happens when a user counters my time?

You will be required to TAP on the time again so you can have the time back.
Whenever you TAP on the Time, you pay 1% of the product price.

What happens if i don't get the product after clicking?

The total amount you spent will be returned to you as a voucher, for you to shop with it at Copy the voucher given to you at the end of the product sales and locate the product on with the unique code.

Product Delivery

How do i receive my product after i have won it?

Once you have won a product, a voucher will be given to you shop the product without making any payment at,
All you have to do is locate the product with the Unique code on SHOP100.CO and use the voucher given to you during checkout.

Where can Timiun deliver Item to?

Irrespective of your location, Your product will be delivered to you.


What does it mean to support a product?

To Support a product means you want to participate on the product sales. Only those that supported a product can participate on it.

What does it mean to click on a Product Time ?

To click the time means you re buying the product at 99% discount. Each time you click on the time, 1% of the product price is deducted from your wallet.

What does it mean to fund wallet?

To fund wallet means to have money on your Timiun wallet to participate on Time Market.

What does it mean to counter my time?

When are you user counters your time, it means the time belongs to the user and once it gets to zero, the product belongs to the user, All you need to do is to click on the time again to get the product.

What happens if i don't get the product?

If you don't get a product at the end of the time market sales, A voucher of the total amount spent (Total clicks) will be given to you to shop for the product complete price.

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